chicken burrito bowl
Food Recipe

Chicken Burrito Bowls

See, I promised you these burrito bowls would make their way to the blog soon enough! Since my celiac diagnosis at the end of last year and having to be gluten-free, I find myself gravitating more toward Mexican-inspired food and restaurants.  Don’t get me wrong, Italian food is still my love of loves; but Mexican …

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Saturday Shorts


*This week is going to be painful.  It’s the first five day week we’ve had in about two weeks and it’s the beginning of the second quarter, and personally, I have to do Guidance Lessons the next two days.  So….I’ll be happy to get through this week and get to the weekend. *IT’S COLD AND …

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treasure and bond plaid top
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #4

IT’S COLD OUTSIDE! Okay, maybe not “cold”, but it’s definitely not summery like it’s felt for what feels like forever, at this point.  It’s like 55, some wind (which I’m guessing is some of the tropical depression, or whatever).  Like today would be the perfect day for some fall cozies. Like a chunky sweater, scarf, long …

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pico de gallo
Food Recipe

Easy and Delicious Pico de Gallo

I admit, I’ve never actually made pico de gallo before…..I’m not entirely sure why because it’s about the easiest thing on the planet to do, but I never made it myself until recently. Store bought pico is fine; it’s great when you’re lazy like I am, most of the time, but homemade is actually a …

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Fall FFF

Fall FabFitFun Unboxing!

I love my FabFitFun subscription.  I think I’ve mentioned that a few times now (read: I say this every time).  It’s the best, it’s like a present four times a year. This one was no different. I was so excited opening it, it felt like Christmas morning (ya know, during the summer because it’s still …

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