Anniversary Devon

2 Years.

Two years have been good to Devon and I.

We’ve had our moments, I don’t know of any couple by this point that hasn’t.  But, as of yesterday, we’ve made it two years.

Devon decided to take control over plans for our anniversary.  I didn’t know what he was doing and I know him well enough to not be freaked out by that.  We’re both pretty mellow so it wouldn’t be anything too crazy.  The only thing he told me beforehand was the “suggestion” to not wear my favorite garment of jeans, which meant nice/dressier attire was needed.

He wound up taking me down to one of my favorite Baltimore neighborhoods, Little Italy.  I love just walking around down there.  The unfortunate of yesterday was it was blazing hot outside.  But there are plenty of little places to get a cold italian soda or gelato, so even in the afternoon heat, it wasn’t too bad.  We watched some guys playing bocce ball, browsed some of the shops and took in a little of the sights.  To top it off, he made reservations at one of my favorite all-time restaurants, Sabatinos (hence the dressy attire).  The food was so good (and huge) that I get to finish it for dinner tonight.

It was a good day.  Hellaciously hot.  But a really nice day.

I wanted to get Devon something for our anniversary, but he is so hard to shop for so it took me forever to figure out what to get him.  “Get him a watch”.  He has one and won’t wear any others.  “Get him cologne.” Again, he has one and barely wears it.  Somewhere in my internet browsing, I remembered that he’s wanted a small hip flask, probably since he was in the womb.  So I decided to check out Things Remembered since if I’m going to get him one I want it to have a little monogramming and I would be able to pick it up in store since I have one near me.

He flipped out so hard when he opened it.  Him being him, he opened the little funnel that they come with first and just stared it and looks at me, “you did not!” and just repeats it over and over again until he unwraps the actual flask and starts yelling “OMGOMGOMG” and jumping up and down.  I’ve never seen him that excited over a gift before.  I probably never will again.

It is pretty.  Not gonna lie.  And yes, it’s already filled.

He also did an incredible job with a gift for me.


Devon’s not always overly emotive, so it made me a little teary.  Of course, I wore it last night.  I love it.  It’s beautiful.

2 years down.  98 to go.  🙂

4 thoughts on “2 Years.”

  1. I really liked this post, I to agree a relationship has it’s ups and downs. But if you both really love each other it will fall back into place. The best is that you still are with the person you love and that’s what I am looking for haha, good for both of you.

    1. Thanks so much! At the end of the day, Im pretty lucky. Hes a good and decent man, you can’t really ask for more than that. :).

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