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Cucumber Lemon Water

I just wanted to point out, that water infused with lemon and cucumber is amazing. And I hate drinking water.  I mean a lot.  I like flavor in my drinks, preferably in the form of diet coke syrup and aspartame. Yes, I know it’s bad for me.  But I love it.  I hate drinking water …

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10 Years of Jungle Fruit.

I have a few groups on Facebook.  Most of them are full of people that I have known for a lot of years.  Because of that sometimes conversations start to lack a little, so someone will throw in a random conversation starter.  One of my groups last night had: Where were you living 10 years …

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I’m going to Disney World!!

No, seriously though.  One month from today (our second Friday the 13th in a row) I will be here: The gorgeous Hyatt Regency in Orlanda Florida.  Which is so very literally directly across the street from: Guys…..guys… excited. I mean…I am there to WORK and all, but if you think in the four days I’m there …

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Memories Work

Thanks, Timehop

Thanks for reminding me of the worst day of my career I’ve ever had. A year ago today I had to do one of the things that counselors dread which is report abuse.  And this one just hit me so hard, I was actually losing composure while I was making the report.  I had to …

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Educators = Lazy???

A debate sparked on my Facebook yesterday. Most of my area schools were closed because it was pretty icy and slick yesterday.  My county was the one main exception in the metro area and was just on a two-hour delay.  I, like a lot of people, whined a bit.  Mainly just because I’m afraid to …

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A No-Good, Horrible, Semi-Bad Day

Ugggghhhh. I dislike driving in ice.  Snow is fine.  Ice is horrible.  Thank you county schools for only being two hours late and making almost slide off the road twice. Then I leave my school laptop at home, which I kinda sorta need. Then I also left part of my lunch at home. And to …

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