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So I’ve been trying to not do too much changing on here lately because I think I was doing too much of it initially. One thing I did just add, however, is the Follow button on the side and on the bottom.  This way if you want to get email updates of my blog, you …

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Life Organization

Cleaning out my closet

I’m one of those people that waits to do laundry until they absolutely have to.  It’s not so much the putting in the machine and the dryer that bothers me, it’s the actual putting things away after that is annoying.  There are things that hang and things that go in drawers.  It’s just so detailed. …

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About Me Work

Breaking News!

Well…it’s not really.  At least if you’re on my Facebook it isn’t breaking news anymore. So, remember a couple of weeks ago I was all excited saying something awesome might have happened but I wasn’t going to say it yet and that, no, I wasn’t pregnant? Well, I’m still not pregnant, as far as I …

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