If these teachers in this school don’t start parking where they belong….I will riot.  They aren’t supposed to park in our little lot on the side because there are no classrooms here, ergo, they don’t need to be here.  We have a small lot on the side for non-teacher faculty and the staff which, obviously, …

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Rambles Random Rant


And no I don’t mean the neon ones from Twilight.  These vampires wear white jackets with the lettering of “Lab Corp” on them. Dear god. Three vials of blood drawn this morning (remember, vitamin D and iron deficient) to see where my levels are.  I HAVE LOW IRON!  So yes, I did get very lightheaded …

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Food Foodie Recipe

Slow Cooker Pot Roast

So I did forget that I wanted to share the Pot Roast I made for Devon on his birthday.  Yes, I know his birthday was over two weeks ago.  I’ve been busy! But it was amazeballs.  I sort of randomly did things with it, which turned out really well.  I was looking at Pot Roast …

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24 Devon Food Life

:yawns and stretches:

So, I got home on Friday night with Burger King in tow……look, don’t judge.  It was a long week, Devon was working late (middle school Game Night on a Friday night…yup)and I totally just wanted to sit and veg in front of the couch watching lame YouTube videos (smart TV with YouTube capabilities FTW) and …

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First Day of…..Winter?

IT’S SNOWING GODDAMNIT! SNOOOOWWWWW I am NOT happy. At all. Dis some bullshit. I wanna go back to Florida. Right. Now. :grumble grumble, kick, stomp, throw shit, growl: Yes, I will be a 28 year old that throws a tantrum. I’M TIRED OF THIS STUFF!  I WANT SPRING!!!!!

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