Budget Challenge

So I’ve mentioned before that Devon and I are toying with the idea of buying a house in the next couple years. Well, I might not have mentioned the “couple years” part before.  But….yeah….. So, we’ve actively began a budget and curbing some unnecessary spending binges (like Devon’s Amazon addiction) and my….lots of binges.  We’re …

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About Me Healthy Living

Post Zumba

is painful. I am sore. Our dance teacher decided it would be cool to have “faculty workouts” and brought in her zumba instructor friend.  OMG. My calves hurt.  And my arms are sore when I try to move them. Why did I think this was a good idea? I mean, yeah it was fun. But…..sore. …

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Cat Life Maya


It occurs to me that I’m pretty sure I never introduced all of you to the third member of our household.  She has more legs than anyone in here and has the biggest personality and yet, outside of mentioning her, I don’t think I’ve ever introduced her. I’m sure she will punish me with a …

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Devon Doctor Who Relationship


I enjoy Timehop.  It reminds why Devon is/was cute when he’s being all nasally and sneezing everywhere with his little cold that he had to bring home.     And he did fix the typo underneath but the “awwww” covered it up.  And yes, we were talking about Dr. Who.  #2+yearsgoingstrong!  Even when he’s germy. 

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Chicken Food Foodie Recipe

Chicken Thighs in Bacon Cream Sauce

ZOMGHIIIIIIII!!!! There’s food!!  Food is happiness! I do still remember how to thrown down in the kitchen.  I may have let some stuff go to the wayside over the summer, but I did still eat and still eat now that school is back! (Yes, my stomach is happy about it, too!) Let’s be fair, when …

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About Me Cars

No, I’m not pregnant…..

Nor do I plan to be anytime soon. Two people have asked me that question in the past week. So I just wanted to set the record straight; my uterus is empty. I was questioned because I wanted like a salty/sweet combo.  I want that regularly.  French fries followed by ice cream is like my …

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Random Sick

For some reason I never realized how sick you can start to feel by not eating enough. During the summer, I ate pretty steadily throughout the day, or I grazed, if you prefer.  I munched here and there all day. I got back to school and my eating habits dropped, a lot.  I was super …

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