Buzzfeed addict

So, I have a problem. I’m kind of obsessed with buzzfeed. I have no soul, I know. But some of it is so funny. But, I mean, 13 Dogs who look like Presidential Candidates? That’s hilarious. I’m pretty sure Hilary Clinton was a Yorkie in a previous life.  It sounds perfectly logical to me. And I love …

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Life lately

has been kind of boring. I feel like saying that will make something horrible happen. But it’s true.  Nothing that out of the ordinary has happened in awhile. Devon and I have been both been super busy with school lately.  For me it’s college application season, so I basically spend most of my waking moments …

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Food Foodie

Meal delivery services

   I feel like I don’t get the purpose of these meal delivery services.  I see commercials for these guys all the time and it kind of boggles my mind.  You’re paying around $80 for a couple meals to feed maybe 2 people.  I can go to the store and get enough food for two …

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Random Rant

Bye Bye Banky

Changing banks is sooooooo frustrating. I’ve had the same bank and account since I started at Frostburg.  I LOVED my bank.  It’s been the best bank ever. But then they decided to let someone else buy them out.  And these people want to charge for EVERYTHING.  I’m not paying up to $20/month to have you …

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Devon Movies

The Evil Dead

Devon and I decided to do 31 Days of Horror Movies this month in honor of Halloween. Apparently this is terrifying to some people. I was totally fine with it.  But… Apparently, watching The Evil Dead right before going to sleep isn’t always the best idea. For those that have never seen it (also, you …

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Love School Counselor Work

Love More Deeply

Any educator will tell you,  there is rarely a chance for down time when you work in a school.  It’s a pretty constant “go” every single day. Being a high school counselor who has the 11th and 12th graders, you can only imagine how fast-paced my days are right now trying to check in with …

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