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Blog Changes

Thanks to Blizzardgeddon 2016 here on the East Coast, I’ve had some time to do some upgrading to this little blog of mine. And yes, we survived fine.  We have about 31 inches of snow outside of our house, my car and Devon’s car are both collectively buried (and yes, my hole left by the …

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About Me Car

Roads suck

See what happens when people leave stuff in the middle of the road? Yeah.  That. Pretty, right? Welcome to my morning adventure. I’m LITERALLY five minutes away from work, still on I-95, so close to exiting when this happened.  There was a semi about 100 feet in front of me, at most, when I see …

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Chopped Champion!

I love Chopped and I got Devon hooked on Chopped.  Ted Allen is amazing. Devon marvels at some of the knife skills on Chopped.  It mean it is kind of mesmerizing to see an onion finely sliced in about 10 seconds. This weekend Devon and I were actually cooking something together (which is actually odd …

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School Counselor Work Work Stuff

I’m not ready!!

This has been my life this weekend… I’m currently sitting in my office, at school, and I’m still not ready. I had a longer break and I’m not ready. I’ve already seen like five of my girls and I’m still not ready. Is it Friday yet? I love my job, I really do, but it’s …

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