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Renaissance Time

So, I’m having a moment.  A long moment.  Where I suddenly just have a huge laundry list of things I want to do, improve, change, re-do….something.  It’s kind of crazy.  It’s not a bad crazy, but a little overwhelming.  And it kind of kept me awake last night, which isn’t a good thing because I …

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Fail Food

Dinner Fail

I’m sure I’m not alone when I ask, have you ever had a meal fail so epicly that you’re not even sure what just happened to your own life? I STILL don’t even understand what happened. Devon and I were both horrifically sick last weekend so we basically just drank chicken broth and ate crackers …

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About Me Devon

Holiday Weekend

Two holidays, back to back, yay!! Also the possibility of a snow day tomorrow?  Yay!! It would have been better had I actually enjoyed this being a three day weekend.  Instead Devon and I have been sick for the majority of it.  My co-counselor had been fighting something all last week and therefore I was …

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About Me Shoes

I hate shoes….

I really do.  I hate shopping for shoes more than wearing them. Mainly, I hate my feet. I’ve had several foot surgeries over the year so I can’t wear heels anymore and I can’t wear super tight shoes because they hurt more than they’re supposed to.  When I’m not at work, I typically either wear …

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