Funny Holiday

Valentine’s Day

I get extremely amused by Valentine’s Day Memes every year.  It could be because I’ve never been one of those girls that sticks a ton of sentimental value on the day itself.  I get the point of it, but I’m not one that requires this grand gesture just because the calendar says a certain day. …

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Saturday Shorts


*I need people to settle a debate between Devon and I: Is it bad luck to wear your wedding ring before the wedding?  I’ve “tried” mine on a few times and every time I do, he’s like “take it off, it’s bad luck!!”  I’ve never heard that and I think he’s full of it.  Is …

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About Me

5 Things About Me

I keep seeing the “5 Things About Me” floating around Instagram, so I thought I’d do one here.  I always love these kinds of posts from other bloggers; it’s just fun to find out random things about the people behind the blogs. Depending on how well you know me, or how long you’ve been here, …

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Curly Hair, Don’t Care

First of all, it’s finally February…. January felt like the longest month everrrrrr.  Which part of me is grateful for since we have this big wedding thing to plan for in June but at the same time…..OMGAH……so long. I “celebrated” January finally ending by getting a little life put back into my hair.  I’ve mentioned …

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