2 Days to the Wedding! + We’re Leaving!!!!

These past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind, I can’t begin to describe a lot of it. I’ve tried to come on and write some of it out and each time I tried, I just couldn’t figure out where to start. So, we are now two days away from the wedding which just does …

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School Counselor Work

Summer “Vacation”

I made it through my first year at my “new” school! I feel like “new” should be in quotes since it isn’t fully “new” anymore. But yeah, I’m done…it’s over, and I could not be more excited to now have the summer “off”. Yup, that also deserved quotes, all of my fellow educators know why. …

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Saturday Shorts


*I did not know it was possible for life to be this busy.  Between the end of the school year, graduation stuff, wedding planning, and the million other balls that I juggle on the regular anyway…..I’m so tired. *This past Friday was our last actual day of school with the students and I couldn’t be …

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