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This past week was literally insane…I can’t even. I literally came home and slept 12 hours Friday night because I was exhausted. I didn’t anything until dinner Thursday and Friday and yet; I’ll still take that crazy over the hell of last year.

Which all things considered….(like the fact that my school was on the news because of drama) is really saying something. But it’s okay, everyone is safe and everything is fine, but…still.

Also, Devon’s Mom called us yesterday and did a very “Mom” thing, that I wasn’t expecting. She’s all “You guys moved so far away, maybe in a couple years I’ll sell my house and move closer to you guys”. Devon and I are like, “….we good, tho…” I mean, in all honesty, moving away from family wasn’t a goal; it just happened that way (especially since Devon was initially all I was born in my house and want to live there forever and ever guy — different story for a different day). I’m sure I’ll get the whole “when your have kids, you’ll want her around” and I can see that and maybe that will happen, but at the moment I’m just like….we good. And yes, we know I love my mother-in-law dearly but still, for now….you love your house, keep it. We’ll visit.


Sales are kind of lackluster this weekend. At this point most people are likely waiting for MLK weekend to do anything really great, but there are a few good things around. There are a lot of good sweater/outwear sales though, which is about the time of the year for, so you’ll still get a lot of use of the items this year as well as into next year.

Banana Republic — Up to 40% off select styles + an extra 60% off sale styles.

GAP — Up to 75% off everything + an additional 50% off markdowns w/code MORE

H&M — Up to 70% off winter sale, no code needed.

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