hm double breasted blazer
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #3

I really kind of wish this was last Friday so I could have a Game of Thrones tee and jeans on, and actually observe Casual Friday.

But alas, it’s a regular Friday and we have mass at school today (Catholic school, ftw) and a couple of large group activities, so I have to look nice and….whatever.

Don’t act like I don’t have a pair of jeans in my bag to change into, though, as soon as 2:46pm turns over.

I’m also not going to say how much I wish it was cooler because I feel like a broken record at this point…but….I soooo wish it was cooler!!!


But, I digress. Since we do have a formal mass at school today; my casual Friday wish is a little more “fancy” to go with the formality of the day.

It really makes me wish that jeans were acceptable in our staff dress code.  I’ve kinda always hated that they aren’t. I know it isn’t “professional”, but I can dress up a pair of jeans.

articles of society jeans

I really need to try these Articles of Society jeans on in real life.
I feel like I’ve seen them on so many people and they look so pretty in pictures.
Just the perfect flare leg. 

hm v neck blouse

Admittedly, I don’t own a lot of white clothing, but you do need a good solid
white blouse in your wardrobe.
Especially if you’re going to pair it with something like this:

hm double breasted blazer

hm double breasted blazer

I always feel like plaid blazers are busy enough, so pairing them with neutral things
is best.  I also love the oversized fit of this one. 


aldo galinsky loafers

Add in a basic shoe that’s still comfortable enough for me to run around a high school
all day and you’ve got the perfect Casual Friday (but still somewhat formal school event
appropriate) outfit, as far as I’m concerned. 

Happy Friday!!

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