old navy canvas sneakers
Casual Friday

Casual Friday #5

Who else didn’t want to get out of bed on this chilly Friday morning?

:waits for everyone to raise their hands:

I got out of bed, as I do every morning, at 5 am and just cursed life in its entirety.  I just wanted to stay in bed and sleep and not go to work and….yeah….

I surely didn’t want to be all fancied up.  I kind of worked around it and just threw on a pair of khakis and a shirt, but it’s making me realize I really need to get new khakis.  I feel like khaki’s fit my oddly, though, it’s so hard to find some I love.

Today, in all honesty, I’d rather just be in my pajamas all day; if I could wear them to school without judgment, I would.

So, today’s Casual Friday theme (as if I have those) is cozy and also based on what I bought from Old Navy yesterday.  They’re currently having a sale for 30% off everything, including clearance, so I grabbed a couple of really good deals; including a pair of khaki/chino pants.  I don’t always have the best luck with Old Navy pants, for some reason they’re either too short (and talls are way too long) or too tight in my hips, so I’m not being THAT optimistic, but we’ll try and see.

old navy boat neck sweater

This cute boatneck sweater is one I grabbed, I like the tunic length and the fact that
it’s something I could wear to work or on weekends.  Select colors/patterns are already
on sale for $25 (including this cream color) as well as an additional 30% off during checkout.
So it basically is under $18 for this sweater when it’s originally $35, so about half off.  


old navy boot cut khakis

I know, Casual Friday usually means jeans, but these are the khakis I ordered yesterday
to see how they work for me.  These are excluded from the additional 30% off, but they
are on sale for $19, which is a really good price.  

old navy canvas sneakers

While I didn’t grab these canvas sneakers yesterday, I kind of wish I had; they look super cute
and comfy.  Also, this color and one other color are on sale for about $10 and you can take an additional 30%
at checkout, so they are an absolute steal.  Most of the other colors are around $20, so still a great buy
with the additional 30% off. 


The sale at Old Navy is only valid today (and odds are they will have another sale of some sort this weekend), so head on over to Old Navy if you want to grab any pieces!

Happy Friday!!

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