Casual Friday

Casual Friday #7

It’s Friday and I’m off today!! Yay!!!

This is after I unexpectedly had off yesterday for a snow day, so four day weekend; work two days, then off for five days for Thanksgiving.

Not too shabby.

So, today I am spending my day off heading to a quick doctor’s appointment and then I am FINALLY getting my hair done.  It needs it so badly.  I’ve been avoiding some of this because of all the hair loss issues I had come back, but I know I need to go and get it refreshed and let my hairdresser work her magic.

After that I’m going to spend a good part of the afternoon grocery shopping for this weekend and some for Thanksgiving.  I hate going to the grocery store right before a holiday, so when I ultimately need to go on Monday or Tuesday, I want it to just be for perishable items/things I can’t get that far in advance.  I’m doing my normal stops at Aldi, Target, and Wegmans, and might also do a stop at Whole Foods because I’m trying out a few new gluten free alternatives to “normal” things while I’m home and they have a better selection than most stores.

Given all of that, my casual Friday today is pretty casual, I need to be able to run around be warm and comfortable, especially since it snowed yesterday and is still pretty cold out.

Of course, it would be helpful if I actually had snow boots… I got rid of my old pair at the end of last winter and was waiting until Black Friday to buy new ones, so I’m going to have to hope my sneakers hold me upright for today.

Since most of the northeast is snow covered, I decided today’s Casual Friday should be pretty darn casual and just downright cozy.  Soooo….

This cardigan from American Eagle looks so cozy and
perfect for a snowy day in or out of the house. 

I grabbed one of these Caslon tees at Nordstrom during a sale and
they are amazing.  They’re so soft and light and comfy and perfect under a cardigan.  

I always like the idea of joggers, but so many of them are so tight around
the ankles. These are pretty loose around the ankles and look so comfortable.
The best part is, they’re under $20! 

And since snow days need slippers, these are perfect because you can wear them
at home and even run outside in them, if you really had to, and it’s not as obvious that
you left your house in your house in your slippers. 


Have a great Friday!


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