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I’m pretty sure Verizon Fios will now be the death of me. Service is out again. Long story. Too long to post from my phone. We should have service back Sunday. If not, I’ll be super mad.

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Goodbye’s are important

There are always stories about people who get into car accidents, something happens at work, your body decides it’s not having enough “excitement” and does something it shouldn’t, etc.  All kinds of stories where people who left their house that morning don’t come home that evening. I saw a really bad accident on my way …

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So the majority of the people in my life know, though I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it here.  But, I have endometriosis.  For those that don’t know what it is, yes, it’s a “woman thing”.  But it’s essentially where the lining that is supposed to grow inside of your uterus, grows on the outside …

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Iron Man Needs to Share.

Because I need iron. So after the vampires had their way with me last week, I forgot that technology exists and I’d likely be able to check my blood results online. So I finally checked that last night.  Go me. Lipid Panel/Cholesterol is normal, Metabolic panel is normal, Blood Sugar is normal, Thyroid is normal …

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The hair on my head

Like most women, I love my hair.  I love that it’s long, I love that it’s relatively healthy, I love that it’s manageable, I love that I have hair. Almost no one knows, that for the past year I’ve been battling a private battle with hair loss.  Last Christmas (2013) I started to notice a …

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