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I’m having one of those, “I didn’t realize I was tired until I sat down” days. I have been running since I left my house at 7am this morning and I didn’t even go to work until 11am.  I was in a professional development meeting all morning and then I had to rush to work …

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I work for nerds

I mean why else would my entire school be closed on the release date of “The Avengers: Age of Ultron”? Okay.   It’s really because it’s an all girls high school and The Avengers happens to be coming out on the same dat as prom and a smart, all girls high school knows,…..half the girls …

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For a living, I try to understand and analyze human behavior and cognitions. The way the brain works and how our actions are formed as a result has amazed me my whole life. I admit that there are many things I still don’t understand even after studying this for almost a decade. But one thing …

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Who gets to watch Hobbit-athon today???

This house does!! So there might be some hooky playing going in (for at least one member of this house today; not me) because Hobbits. In select theaters nationwide, they’re marathoning all three (yes, including the new one that doesn’t come out until Wednesday) Hobbit movies.  For people who REALLY don’t like Lord of The …

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