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Spring Break 2017

It’s the first morning of Spring Break…and it’s glorious.  I can now have the joy of thinking it’s Saturday every morning that I wake up for the next 12 days. Devon has been on break all week and while I cursed him when I would get up in the morning and he was still sleeping, …

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My Furball

I had to take my little furball Maya to the vet yesterday, which is never a pleasant experience for either of us. She not only hates being in a carrier, she hates being in the car even more and she, obviously, doesn’t like the vet.  She wants none of it.  She absolutely hates being outside …

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Creamy Chicken and Bacon Pasta

I admit, I’m kind of obsessed with those viral recipe videos that you see everywhere on Facebook.  I don’t know what it is about watching an entire meal being made in 30 seconds that is so enticing, but they trap me every time.  Every time I scroll my newsfeed and one of those little videos …

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I Have to Brag for a Minute…..

Check out my Future Husband…….. Teacher of the Month!  Yay! I am very proud. They tried to give him fanfare at the faculty meeting yesterday for it but he hates that.  So, he said he just stood in the back and gave a thumbs up in acceptance.  Typical Devon. While he’s just an awesome teacher …

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Cars and Colds

On Saturday, Devon had to go out to his Mom’s so he took my SUV instead of his car.  In the entirety of our relationship/friendship, he’s only ever driven a car of mine once because he hates driving other people’s cars and that was when I had my old Jeep Liberty. So he’s never actually …

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Happily Introverted

This picture sums up my whole life and I love it. I’m not sure why, possibly just because of how….”eventful” this school year has been, but I have been like a hermit lately and I’ve been all too happy to be one. I’ve always been an introvert but, I think, living with an another introvert …

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