Friends Wedding

Double Time

This is not going to be primarily a wedding planning/engagement blog from now on, I promise.  It’s just kind of the forefront of life right now. And on that note; now one of Devon’s best friends decided he wanted to propose to his girlfriend on Wednesday as they were getting on a plane to Disney …

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Erin Condren Wedding

Beginning Wedding Planning

#1 is kind of overwhelming.  Maybe it’s just because it’s all kind of new and we’re not doing a ton yet, but yet I feel like I want to plan all the things and they are telling me to plan all of the things.  I did do a very rough draft of our …

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Rant Relationship Wedding

The State of Weddings

A friend and I were talking about this yesterday.  There seems to be an upward trend of our friends (not even mutual friends) to announce their engagement and then not too soon after announce that they eloped/got married at the courthouse and are essentially continuing their daily lives like it didn’t happen.  Like they’re just …

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