Devon Relationship

Corresponding Moods

I have said it once and I will say it again.

It does not fail to amaze me how much my mood affects Devon.

I was super quiet last night.  There was no real reason for it.  I was just in kind of a random “meh” mood and was quiet as a result of it.

Devon notices and he, first, tries to get me to snap out of it.  But you know how it is when you’re just in that mood for no reason?  There really isn’t much that will get you out of it until it passes on it’s own?  So his efforts failed.

So then he gets rather quiet and unmoved by most things, as I was.

Then we woke up this morning, I was fine (about as excited as I can get at 6am) he quietly observed for a few minutes then also acted like his normal morning self.

I mean I guess there is that whole, “misery loves company” deal, but he’s weird.  He always seems to take on whatever mood I’m currently expressing.  I guess some would call it an emotional connection.  I just think we’re both weird.

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