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These past couple of weeks have been completely insane.

First there was graduation and all of the events that come with it.  We send our seniors off so nicely; there are so many events and celebrations….it’s exhausting.  We have an alumni brunch, senior dinner, rehearsals, honors assembly, and then there’s the actual graduation ceremony.  By the time all was finally said and done, I was exhausted.

It might have felt super long but, it was a great week, celebrating this senior class was a bit bittersweet for me.  Getting some of them to the finish line was sort of like pulling teeth, but it made it all the more rewarding to see them walk across that stage and get their diplomas.  Part of me, though, is happy I don’t have to go through this process next year.  As rewarding as it is, I won’t miss the stress that comes with the weeks leading up to graduation making sure that everyone is set to walk across stage.

Once graduation was over, I finally got some much needed chill time.  I slept most of the weekend after graduation was over and really just celebrated that the school was almost over.

Then……there was this past Wednesday morning.  At 6:15am, I’m getting dressed, as always, to get ready to go to work when my cell rings.  A phone call that early is never good, right?  And it wasn’t.

My mother was calling me asking me to take her to the emergency room because she thought her ulcer was bleeding.  If you were wondering where my digestive issues came from……yeah….my mom has almost the gambit of digestive concerns.  Me living about 45 minutes away, I tell her to call an ambulance if it’s that bad and I’ll meet her there.  But, apparently it wasn’t that bad but bad enough for her to turn down my suggestion of Patient First instead of a hospital, where she would likely be seen quicker.

So I went up there, spent all morning with her in the ER for the doctors to tell her that it was just a small tear  in her digestive tract, at most.  They examined her, she stated that there was no pain or discomfort, no stomach upset, nausea, vomiting, etc.  No fever or any sign of infection; blood work was completely normal.

She persisted that something was wrong and demanded a colonoscopy.  Which she’s never had despite the fact that she should have had one at least 20 years ago.  The doctor wasn’t against it, but did say that she could have one in the next couple of weeks because she didn’t see a reason for one at that moment.  However, if my mother really wanted it right now she would have to consent to being admitted for observation while they scheduled a time for her (which wound up being the next day).

So she consented to being admitted.  Which also meant my brother was coming home with me for the night (he has Down Syndrome and can’t spend the night by himself), which is fine but just not what I was expecting that day.

Long story short, my mother is completely fine.  but by Friday I was completely and utterly exhausted.  Between the all the driving back and forth, all the time at the hospital, and running around like crazy at work, I was utterly exhausted Friday night.  So it was basically another weekend of me sleeping and trying to recover from the previous week.

I was extremely grateful for Devon this week, though.  He came up to the hospital with me after school on Wednesday, brought my brother home for me (and stopped and got him and me dinner on the way home) so that I could run by my mother’s house and pick up his stuff.  He helped get him set up at home for the night and woke him up the next morning.  He came home on Thursday night and straightened the house and made dinner and took care of everything so that by the time I finally got home after taking my mother home, all I had to do was shower and eat dinner and crash.  He was so comforting and supportive and I appreciated him so much for everything he did this week.

And now we’re finally at the last week of school for me.  Most public schools still have two weeks, but as of Friday, we’re done.  I’m so excited.  Granted, my summer break is basically consisting of June 11-July 4th, but still it’ll be nice to have some time off.  Hopefully it’ll give me some time to get some stuff done and some time to really relax.


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