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Dizzy Update

So I’m actually a lot better than I was last week.

I was WebMDing (yeah I know that’s not an actual word, but I’m a WedMD Doctor, so whatevs) my issues, despite Devon’s insistence that I don’t, to see if there was anything else I could do for myself that my doctor hadn’t said.

The best treatment? A calming and relaxing environment with minimal stress and anxiety with a lot of laying down.

What do I do for a living?


I felt so bad Friday afternoon.  I had an episode that almost had me running to the bathroom.  Most school counselors will tell you all major issues manage to happen on Friday afternoons and my school is no different.  Luckily Devon left his school as soon as they dismissed at 2:38 (yeah let’s not talk about their weird timing) and I was relaxing at home by 3:30.

Luckily for me, my house is relaxing.  And that’s by my design.  I’ve lived in stressful and jumpy environments and the one thing I said I wanted when Devon and I moved in together was some place that I want to come home to every night that’s peaceful and relaxing.  And our house is pretty relaxing.  So I spent basically the entirety of my weekend, on the couch watching random hilarious shit, eating foods and taking Bonine once or twice.

Can I tell you how much Bonine hypes me up? Dear god.  I took it Friday when I got home and I swear I thought I was drunk after and I only took half of one.  Physically, I felt great, but I was super goofy and almost obnoxious.  Devon was highly amused, though.  I was making some of the most ridiculous comments at Jeopardy and The Chase.  I don’t even know. It’s good to know it works, though.

And I honestly have to give major kudos to Devon.  I’m not the easiest person to deal with when I’m sick mainly because I don’t like being “cared for”.  He has literally done everything for about a week now; he’s driven me everywhere, he’s taken care of me AND Maya (the cat), he made dinner all weekend (technically it was my weekend, but clearly that wasn’t gonna happen), ran errands for me, cleaned the house…yes….he did…let that sink in because it hasn’t fully sunk in for me yet and….AND….he did not touch his beloved BRAND NEW PlayStation 4 all weekend!.  All girlfriends of gamers will understand how serious that is.  That’s like a huge deal. But he’s been so great and I’m appreciative of everything he’s done all week.

But I am a lot better.  I can actually get up without getting off balance. Now it’s more if I stand for more than like 10 minutes I get off balance and if I keep my head at an unnatural angle for too long I get lightheaded.  Like I had my head cocked to the left side for a few minutes this morning because I was writing and sometimes my head does that when I write, so I started to get kind of lightheaded.  But I can turn my head normally without lightheadedness, I can walk and move and all of that, which is nice.  I’m actually going to try driving myself tomorrow but I’m going to drive the back way just in case I were to need to stop or anything.  But yay independence is back!

Moral of the story: Labyrinthitis: Sounds cool, but totes don’t recommend getting it.

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