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Erin Condren Launch Day!

It’s officially launch day in Erin Condren land!  Aren’t you excited?!?!!

The sale is fully open on the EC site to everyone, with all the new items out in full fanfare.

They have a ton of new accessories in this roll out, some of them I talked about in my launch preview on Tuesday and there are a couple of others that I’m really excited about, like:

The new Planny Pack that acts as a band to hold your planner closed as well as a place to store pens, stickers, appointment cards, etc.

planny pack

New mini snap-in bookmarks in their new Painted Petals print.  I love these for my planner because they don’t take up a lot of room or get in the way at all.


These mini sticky notes are also completely adorable and definitely a want for me.

mini stickies

What’s really great is if you order 4 or more accessories, you’ll also receive 15% off each accessory, which will lower the cost a bit if you want to splurge on some cute things for your new planner.

Remember to also shop through this link to get $10 off your first purchase and shipping is also free if you spend $100 or more!  So there are some great ways to save if you want to order a new planner in this launch!

I will do a flip through of my new planner once it’s happily in my hands, but you’re always welcome to check through my Erin Condren tab if you want to see my current and previous planners for an idea of whether they would work for you!

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