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Holiday Weekend

Two holidays, back to back, yay!!

Also the possibility of a snow day tomorrow?  Yay!!

It would have been better had I actually enjoyed this being a three day weekend.  Instead Devon and I have been sick for the majority of it.  My co-counselor had been fighting something all last week and therefore I was keeping my distance.  But then Devon emails me Friday asking me to pick up cold medicine when I go to the store.  :deep sigh:

When I got home on Friday, he looked like death warmed over.  He had a fever, aches, chills, chest congestion, coughing, etc.

I tried EVERYTHING!  Because one thing about me is I’m a hypochondriac, so the second he walks in here with something I get super paranoid.  He went to bed at like 8pm and I’m bleach bombing the whole house, I’m not touching any surfaces he might have touched with my bare hands, etc.  First thing Saturday morning I’m washing our bed sheets on the hottest setting possible, bleaching the house again, etc. I was also severely upping my Vitamin C intake in the hopes of boosting my immune system really quick.

Yeah, I’m that crazy person.

By Saturday afternoon, his temp was up to 102 and by Saturday night….I started to have a little tickle in my chest.  I popped a couple more Vitamin C’s and took some cough/cold meds in the hopes that I could catch it early.


By yesterday morning I also felt like I was dying.  Devon’s fever finally broke and he started to act/feel somewhat normal again.  But now I was walking around like death warmed over.  My fever was about 101.8 last night and my legs ached so bad, I think I wound up sleeping all of 2 hours last night.  I actually went to sleep on the couch around 6am because I couldn’t get comfortable enough in bed.

My fever finally broke this morning and mainly what I have left is a nagging, hacking cough that I wish would go away.  My throat is so raw and sore from coughing, I’m mad I didn’t get popsicles at the store because almost everything else hurts on the way down.

Devon and I aren’t big “showy” people when it comes to Valentine’s Day but we were actually planning on having a nice dinner, going to the movies (Deadpool, FTW)….yeah none of that happened.  It was my weekend to make dinner and obviously with fevers, I’m not cooking a damn thing.

Instead, this was essentially my weekend:


On the couch, in my robe, on Facebook, spraying Lysol, downing gallons of water and being cared for by my little furry nurse.  She spent most of the weekend either sitting next to me or Devon; whichever one of us looked worse at the time.  Not exactly how I would have preferred a three day weekend, but I guess, at the end of the day, I don’t have to try and make up stuff at work.  Now, hopefully we get a snow day tomorrow, because if we don’t I’m probably not doing a whole day.  But since it’s been snowing all day and might be turning to ice later, I might have a good shot of having off tomorrow.

And if I’m off this house is getting bleach bombed again tomorrow.  Again, I am THAT person.

Hopefully everyone else had a healthier, more relaxing long weekend.  🙂

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