Erin Condren

I confess…..

I’ve done something horrible.

I said I wasn’t going to do it because I didn’t really need it.


I bought the new Erin Condren Horizontal ROSE GOLD LIMITED EDITION Life Planner.

I had to, okay?!?!  I mean, they were supposed to be released at 11am EST when I was going to be in a meeting with my principal and a parent.  But they were released at 10:00am instead!!!  It’s like the gods wanted me to have one!


And it comes in horizontal layouts now.


I wasn’t gonna do it.  I really wasn’t.  But I love Erin Condren planners but always had a love-hate relationship with the vertical layout.  I like being able to write on lines and I don’t like writing one word, move down, write another word, etc, like you have to do in vertical layouts.

There’s more room, I can set it up however I want.

And because I’m splurging, it means I have to use it and use it thoroughly.

It’s so pretty.

It’s so so pretty.

Stop looking at me like that.  We know I have OCD/crazy planner issues.  Don’t judge me.

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