Lazy Sunday

I’m being about 10 different kinds of lazy today. It wasn’t until I looked at the DVR clock and saw that it was 4:15 before I realized I did almost nothing I wanted to do today. I was going to be productive; make a pasta salad for lunch this week, make some deviled eggs that I wanted, go through books in the guest room, organize my closet. Yeah….no to all of it. At this point I’m kinda happy I remembered to take chicken out of the freezer for dinner this morning. It should have been taken out last night, but you get my point here.

Devon’s not helping my lazy. He’s been playing Assassins creed most of the afternoon. Shoot even my cat, Maya has been asleep on the couch most of the afternoon. Yes, I do have a gamer on my hands. :sigh: Support groups are welcomed. It’s amusing to watch him play though. Laughing is therapeutic.

Still, though, I really do feel like I should, you know, do something today (other than play with my shiny new blog). I don’t know if it will happen, though…….

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