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More caffeine please.

This is my life right now.


But, serious, though.

There’s not enough caffeine in the world for me right now.

Graduation week is ridiculous.  And we have two ceremonies.  Baccalaureate and the actual graduation ceremony. Baccalaureate was last night.  It didn’t end until 9pm (after I’d been working since 7am) and it was so hot in that monastery. I think I sweat off five pounds.  Yes, that’s gross, but true.  Between my clothes and a hot graduation gown AND that felt-ish Masters hood I have to wear, I was dying.

I pretty much just went home, took a shower, and collapsed in my bed.

I didn’t want to wake up this morning.  Devon almost had to kick me out of bed to get me to get up.

I had that entire cup up there already.  I still don’t think I’m awake yet.  I’m already looking forward to going home and taking a nap.

And I get to go home at normal time today.

I’m so excited, you just don’t understand.

But then I have to do it all again tomorrow.  But, luckily, from what I’ve heard, graduation is shorter than Baccalaureate. That’s so exciting.  And we have off on Friday.  I can sleep.  It’s so awesome.

I have a ton of work I need to do.  I don’t necessarily want to.  But I should go get on that so that I can leave as quickly as possible this afternoon.

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