My Name is Stephanie and I’m Addicted to Pinterest….

I did this while watching Food Network last night.  Guy made something insanely beautiful on Chopped and I immediately wished I could pin it.


I was on Pinterest before I fell asleep the other night and within like 10 minutes I saw like 20 pins that I wanted to do/make/have/etc.

I made the realization that I have over 4,600 pins on my account.

I have made some of it.

How much?  That’s not the point.

And, to my credit, there are over 1,000 funny pics, quotes, humor, etc.  I can’t really make any of that, now can I?

There will be something made from Pinterest for dinner this weekend.  So, see?  More being actually made.

I’ve decided I need to make a list of foods/projects I want to try from Pinterest over the summer.  There are a couple school related things I already know I’m going to do from there to organize myself a little differently next school year.  But, with only doing camp for a few weeks this summer, I will have a good amount of time to just hang out and be creative and productive in the kitchen and all.

Devon also has a board on my Pinterest (because he refuses to get his own despite the fact that he enjoys it, too), so he’ll be doing things this summer, too. I’ll just print out a couple pins, give him a couple option, and be like, “go make something”.  It’ll be fun.

Worst part?  As I’m doing this, I’ll likely add new pins throughout the summer just to make my list longer.


There is always so much pretty on there.  I can’t stop pinning.

At least I’m not an alcoholic like the majority of my family is/was.

Pinning is my drug of choice.  It’s okay.  I admit my problem.  I’m not seeking help.  I never will.

Pinterest addict for life.

Here is my Pinterest for those that need new pins because you’re home feed is all stuff you’ve seen before.  Trust me.  I understand your life.

Visit Stephanie’s profile on Pinterest.

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