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Random Sunday Musings

Good lord we already have wasps outside.  There are currently four just circling the overhanging outside my living room window. I guess those couple 80 degree days we had last week woke them up. Yay. It’s Game of Thrones night again!!!! I used to watch awards shows all the time. Now I’m like why do …

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Devon Funny

Belated April Fools

Devon loves April Fools Day. He loves the jokes and pranks that ensue and he loves playing them.  “Luckily” for me, Devon was on spring break for April Fools, all by himself as it was my last day of school before mine started.  I knew he was going to do something. I’d be crazy to …

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About Me Endometriosis Personal


So the majority of the people in my life know, though I’m not sure I’ve ever mentioned it here.  But, I have endometriosis.  For those that don’t know what it is, yes, it’s a “woman thing”.  But it’s essentially where the lining that is supposed to grow inside of your uterus, grows on the outside …

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Life Rant

Sleep is good.

This is pretty much me today. I didn’t really want to wake up anyway because my stomach was hurting.  But, work being what it is, I go anyway. Then I have this pimple on my chin.  My derm gave me Retin-A back since my face looked like a teenagers and that was the only stuff …

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