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Sleeping Positions

I’m trying to figure out when couples sleeping positions became something that needed so much decoding. So, like, if two people are right side sleepers by nature, it means one doesn’t want to look at the other or something?  It’s called sleeping comfortably people. There have been a ridiculous amount of articles written about this …

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Funny Life

Stephanie Hates the Snow Part 45632

So we managed to get a two hour delay this morning (both Devon’s and my respective county’s) even though mine had to wait until 5am to call it so I still had to wake up. But it was a sheet of ice outside.  Devon slipped and fell when he walked down our steps this morning. …

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ACA Florida 2015 Life

Mother Nature is fickle.

So apparently Mother Nature took offense to my snickering of her blizzard last weekend and decided to dump about a foot of snow on us this past Saturday. She’s so funny. Or not. But it’s like 50 degrees today. It feels like summer outside. It’s actually supposed to be above freezing temperatures and sunny all …

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Devon Funny

Screaming Goat

What? Yes, though. So, there was a Super Bowl commercial for Sprint.  I didn’t realize it was a Super Bowl commercial because it plays pretty regularly on Game Show Network (we love old school Match Game in our house, don’t judge).  It’s very…….unexpected…. It’s also ridiculously hilarious.  I don’t know if it’s because it’s so …

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Healthy Eating Healthy Lifestyle

Cucumber Lemon Water

I just wanted to point out, that water infused with lemon and cucumber is amazing. And I hate drinking water.  I mean a lot.  I like flavor in my drinks, preferably in the form of diet coke syrup and aspartame. Yes, I know it’s bad for me.  But I love it.  I hate drinking water …

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