Saturday Shorts

Random Weekday Shorts

I’m feeling random these days, so… it is.

*It’s been almost 70 degrees here the past couple of days….and it’s February….so I’m mad about it. I need it to be 20 degrees and snowing because….IT’S FEBRUARY! I feel like the possibility of snow is pretty minimal this year, which means snow days won’t happen which also makes me sad. Educators do love our snow days.

*Our vacuum died recently so we’re in the market for a new one. I fundamentally have issues spending several hundred dollars on a vacuum, so I’m not buying a Dyson, so don’t even go there. We only have carpeting in our three bedrooms (every other room is hardwood floors) but we still need a vacuum that can pick up cat hair and litter and whatnot. So, I’m open to recommendations. This is the one we had (it worked well for a long time, but something died and it started to smell burnt when it was on):

*It’s National School Counselor Week which is always a fun week for counselors. Our school administration brought in breakfast for us yesterday, which was so nice and thoughtful. Now that I’m in a school with a supportive administration I think I might actually do some school-wide activities for next year during school counselor week. A lot of schools take the time during this week to connect with the community and remind the students how counselors work in schools; I think I may try to do more of that next year.

*I desperately want a steak burrito bowl from Chipotle. But I’m trying to be good and low carb and we’re trying to not eat out (#budgetgoals) and be good, but man, it is literally calling my name right now. And I know it doesn’t normally look like this, but doesn’t this just look amazing?

*I seriously haven’t stopped with these yet. They are amazing. And I know I just said I’m trying to do low-card, but I only eat like one (maybe two) at a time just to get the taste of them and I stop. But man….they’re so good I can’t quit them.

*I finally booked flights and things for my work trip to San Diego in April. I actually even rented a car. I don’t usually because these conferences typically last the majority of the day so I don’t really get out. But I decided this year I want to get out and explore a little bit (and eat more than just room service) so I decided to rent a car. I’m sure the hotel has a shuttle and Ubers are a thing, but I’d rather just drive myself. And renting a car wasn’t nearly as expensive as I would have expected. So if there is anything I should see while I’m in San Diego, let me know!

*I’m currently dealing with a case of labrynthitis, which sounds cool, but is basically a viral inner ear infection that can cause vertigo-like sensations (especially when you change positions quickly or lay down) I had it once about five years ago to the point that I couldn’t drive for a week. My doctor said it’s one of those viral things like cold sores, that once you get it, you’re more prone to recurrence. This is only the second time I’ve had it and luckily it doesn’t feel as bad as it did the last time but man I’m tired of the room spinning when I’m trying to go to sleep.

*February is such a busy month for how short it is. Luckily there is a three day weekend in there which is good because I’m already dying for it to be Friday.

Hope you all are having a great week!

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