Saturday Shorts

Saturday Shorts

*I slept 12 hours last night.  It was delightful.  I was having another one of those “I need a couch fort” kind of days.  I’ve just been a bit worn out this week and that sleep last night was likely much needed by my body.

*Devon is itching to see the new Residient Evil movie that just came out.  Originally, he wanted to see it today, but I talked him into us seeing it tomorrow.   I’m living the pajamas/robe, no make up, messy hair lifestyle today and nothing is going to make me abandon it.  I’m not doing things that aren’t required for survival; which really just means I’ll get up to go to the bathroom and eat, but that’s about the most activity Im planning for.

*These amazing (read: evil) little fishes have made their way into my desk drawer at work:

I could have eaten the whole bag yesterday.  I didn’t…but I could have.  They are so good.  I think they might actually be too good for my Goldfish stash I keep in my bottom desk drawer.  That stash is just meant to be there so I can grab a quick handful when I’m running around. But, I think these require more than just a handful at a time.  Either that or they need to come in actual single serving packages.

*Devon’s mom just called to congratulate him on his Teaching Award and to ask if we’ve done anymore wedding planning.  Which, we actually haven’t done….much… We have most of the basics but with it being a ways out, we’re still just kind of taking it slowly.  But she’s very excited for the wedding, which is a nice change considering my mother’s…lack of excitement.  Which is a story for another day (and yes, she likes Devon so there’s no disapproval of my choice in spouse or anything).

*I’m really trying hard to not bring my political views into this blog because that isn’t what this is about.  But, like, as everyday passes it gets harder and harder to not express my views everywhere just because I’m so disheartened by what has happened since Trump’s inauguration.  I’m still not going to go into a lot of detail, (those of you who see my personal Facebook know where I stand) but I am worried about what is going to happen these next four years especially considering all that’s happened already.  I just hope that our country can find a way to come back together eventually.

*In an effort to not end this on a somber note:

We’re not really good at following directions….


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