Saturday Shorts

*I almost didn’t do this this week.  Because I’m just like “I don’t really have a lot of ‘short’ things to say this week”, but as the day is going on, that thought is making a liar out of me pretty quickly.

*Devon is on dinner duty again this weekend, so he’s literally in there now cooking.  There was the commercial with Melissa McCarthy and Kia where she’s saving the wildlife and animals and he comes out of the kitchen, chef knife in hand; “THAT should be the premise of her next movie: Eco-Warrior, with Kevin Hart as her safari guide!” He has been hopelessly obsessed with wanting Melissa McCarthy and Kevin Hart in a movie together.  He’s so mad that it hasn’t happened that he’s willing to make it however he can.  And….this is what he’s thought of.  He’s special.  But if you haven’t seen the commercial and don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s a Clip of it.

*I’ve been snacking on these at work because Target had a great cartwheel offer about a week or so ago for them and they’re actually really good.

They have a little after taste to them, which isn’t bad but it’s definitely an acquired taste.  They’re thinner and crunchier than like a Cheez-It is and obviously more natural.  Not sure if I would get them without the cartwheel deal just because they’re  normally kind of expensive, I’d probably just stick with regular Cheez-Its, but definitely not bad.

*I feel like me sharing a snack has become a norm for these shorts lately.  So, it’s going to sound unbelievable when I say that I’ve actually lost weight in the past few weeks.  But I actually have.  I don’t know how much, but I know I’ve lost it in my midsection, which is typically where I lose it first. But all of my pants are fitting differently and better than they did before.  And I can almost guarantee it started or stemmed from that “amazing” stomach virus I had about a month ago.  I mean not eating hardly at all for almost to weeks will do that to you.  But even after, I wasn’t eating as much in meals as I was before and I was being a lot more intentional in my food choice because I was trying to re-build my immune system and be kind to my stomach and to get everything healthy again.  I’m trying to keep the momentum going a bit because I like that I feel a little lighter and I like how my clothes are fitting.

*Holy shit I need a manicure.  I know people are going to yell at me, but I get acrylic manicures but I haven’t had a manicure…..I can’t even remember when I was there last….and I as just looking down at my nails a minute ago and just went “wow, these look bad”. And because I like sharing….

Like my index finger is soooo bad.  My thumbs area worse but you don’t need to see those.  But no nails are broken!  That’s a huge accomplishment for me, normally I’ve broken something when they get to be this long.

*Finally, I wanted to update you all on our “Broken candle” that I mentioned last week.  I also now kind of think it’s a magic candle. Because I’ve burned it about three times since last week and it doesn’t look like it’s gone down any and I haven’t had to trim the wick like I normally do after a candle has been burning for a few hours.  I took a picture with my crappy nail to prove that this is not the same picture from the last post even though it kinda looks like it.

So,  maybe it’s a magic candle and not a broken one.  It could be possible.

Edited: I apologize for random typos.   I did this entry on my iPad and sometimes my Bluetooth keyboard is wonky and does unnecessary random things. Blogging on actual computer is probably always a better idea.

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