Sharing is [sometimes] overrated….

So many women complain that their partner doesn’t share enough with them.


Devon shares everything….including the common cold.

And I wish he would stop doing that…well….the latter anyway.

I swear I get sick everytime he does and it’s getting old.  The day he brings home the stomach flu, I’m sending him home to his mother.  Mainly just because I have an irrational fear of vomiting.

No matter how much I try to avoid it, I always wind up with the same crap he has like three days later.

Devon’s had a nagging cough since last weekend.  Last Monday his department chair actually sent him home because everyone was tired of listening to him cough.  He didn’t feel that bad (didn’t feel great, though, either) but the cough was annoying.

Fast forward to Thanskgiving where I started to get congested.  Similarly, I didn’t really feel bad, my head was just stuffy.

Goddamn you, Devon.

And this crap just won’t go away.

I know of a couple other people complaining about a cold that won’t go away, so I know we aren’t alone.  But it’s so annoying.  I slept maybe 4 hours last night because my head was so stuffy.  And of course that’s the night before I have to go back to work.

Sharing isn’t always caring, people.  Sometimes it’s best to keep things (like disease) to yourself.

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