Saturday Shorts


*Today is the last day of my summer vacation.  Tomorrow is the first day of faculty professional development week and school “officially” starts two weeks from tomorrow. Part of me is excited, like I said, and part of me is this:


*Devon doesn’t go back for two weeks and I just asked him what he’s going to do all by his lonesome for the next two weeks and he’s like “I have no idea other than be bored out of my mind…probably see a movie…or….five….I don’t know”.  Haha!  He talks so big sometimes about how happy he is in his alone time, and he is (as am I), but he’s so not good with a lot of it.  He goes like a day or two at home with just himself and then he’s over it.  He starts texting me “when are you coming home?!?!?!”  Okay, maybe not that whiny….but….close.

*He did help me move all my stuff into my new office yesterday.  It’s so nice to have it all out of my house and where it belongs.  None of it has been put away there, mind you, but at least it’s all there.  I’ll do pictures and a small tour of it once it’s all done.  It needs a bookshelf and a table and I need to get some sort of a rug for it (since it’s tiled floors), so it’s got some work.  But, it’s a really nice size, has a good big window and will work really well for me.  AND it’s actually where the students are, unlike at Keough where I was on the other side of the building; here I’m right in the middle of everything which is great.

*I think I’m all about keeping this short and sweet this week so I can enjoy some down time before the school routines start up again.


Hope everyone is having a great week!

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