Saturday Shorts


*I’m not dead, I promise!

*Life is CRAZY, especially work.  More on that later.  But, it is definitely different than my life last year.  So much more to do and be responsible for, but I love where I am.  I’m very happy there; the faculty is great….the commute is still a bit of a killer, but I’m surviving it….mostly.

*IT’S OCTOBER!!  I’m so excited.  It’s actually felt like fall the past couple of days.  It’s supposed to be around 80 for a couple days this week, but I’m hoping that we’re getting to the point where it doesn’t really feel like 80 anymore.  It’s also supposed to be in the 40’s in the morning, which I’m so happy about.  I finally brought my scarves and jackets out for full-time wear, so the weather needs to get on board.

*My wedding dress is fully ordered, as of Friday and will be in store on October 27th.  My first fitting is in the beginning of November.  I saw the floor sample of the dress again while I was in the store on Friday and I loved it just as much as I did the first time.  It’s perfect.  I actually own a dress.  How crazy is that?

*We’re starting our nightly Halloween movies tonight.  We’re starting with “Saw”.  Devon is making ribs for dinner (seems weirdly appropriate) and I have a fall scented candle all ready to go.

*They just built a Texas Roadhouse, literally, 2 miles from our house.  It’s entirely too exciting, since before the closest was about an hour away.  We went last night and I forgot how much food they give you.  Devon didn’t actually make any sides with his ribs because we have all of ours from last night left over that we’re just going to eat that with the ribs.

*I finally have my GI doctor appointment on Wednesday.  I’m crossing my fingers, even though I’m pretty sure it’s IBS which just means I’m going to have to figure out some concoction to keep me feeling normal as regularly as possible.  I’m considering a Keto-diet, I’ve heard a lot of good things about Keto from IBS sufferers; that it really helps the discomfort and pain that comes with this.  So, we’ll see.

*I am going to go finish straightening up a bit; we finally had a day to just spend at home – organizing, cleaning, decluttering, etc.  We’ve both been so busy the past couple weeks that just so little has happened.  But, today, Devon and I just stayed home and cleaned and organized and it feels a lot better.  So, I’m going to finish going through the 20,000 magazines I receive on a regular basis and see what can go and what I want to look through.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

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