Saturday Shorts


*Only two more weeks until my Christmas break!!  I’m so excited, I can’t stand it.  I am really looking forward to a nice long break where I can actually get things done that aren’t work related, so I’m super excited for that.

*It’s been a pretty hectic week, a lot of things just seemed to happen all at once: we had a former student pass away on the same day as some of our students witnessing a pretty tragic car accident on the way to a sports game; a childhood friend of mine was killed and my mother had her surgery this week.  On the upside of all of that (because there needs to be one) my mother’s surgery went well; the tumor is gone, she’s recovering easily, the doctor believes they got everything that they went in for.  She goes back for her follow-up in about a week, but everyone is very optimistic, which is great.

*I’m getting ready to make my Meta French Toast for a bit of a brunch this morning.  We haven’t really done brunch in awhile here, partially due to being super busy the past couple of months and partially due to lack of energy to do it.  But we’re kind of craving it, so it’s a good morning for it.

*Devon and I are really not into Christmas gifts this year because of the wedding.  We’ve had so many people ask us what we want (mostly family) and we’re literally just like….nothing?  We’re not even really doing gifts for each other because we’re just wedding focused for the moment.  We’re about half-way paid off for everything wedding related, so we want to focus more on doing that and get that all done so that by the time the day is here we can just enjoy and not worry about any of that.  A couple of people thought we were being scroogey, but it’s just that we have a different goal in mind this year; our Christmas will be in June.

*We finally went and got our passports yesterday, though!  Well, ya know we went and did the paperwork and all.  The guys said considering not too many people apply this time of the year we should actually have them in about 2-3 weeks, which is a lot quicker than the 4-6 time frame that’s quoted online.  We went to our local post office which is a walk-in facility and there was a lady complaining so much in front of us about how long she was waiting.  She was getting so loud and obnoxious they actually had an employee come out to ask her to quiet down.  Then she complained about getting “yelled at” after the employee went back in.  It was an interesting sight; we felt bad for the guy doing the applications because then she was super flippy to him.  If you need a schedule that bad go to an office that accepts appointments; not a walk-in facility.

With that, I suppose I should actually get up and go make brunch that I promised I would do all weekend.  Ya know how you promise you’ll do something then when it’s time to follow through you almost regret it because lazy is life? Yeah, that’s kind of where I am at the moment.  I mean, I’ll get up in a few minutes…but…..meh.

Have a great rest of the weekend!

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