Saturday Shorts


*For as short as this week wound up being, it still felt oddly long.  We had off on Monday, I had a professional development day on Tuesday, normal day on Wednesday, snow day on Thursday, and a 2 hour delay on Friday.  So, really, I only had like a day and a half of actual “work” and it still felt really long, for some reason.

*I did my first gluten-free grocery shopping trip yesterday and I only had two meltdowns in the middle of the Wegmans, so….that’s better than I expected.  Looking for the words “gluten-free” on things is frustrating, okay?  It’s kind of insane the amount of things that have gluten in them and how much gluten-free food costs.  It’s insane.  So, I had a moment or two, while I was shopping.  More may happen, we’ll see.

*In happier news, I ordered my wedding ring this morning!  YAY!!  It’s so pretty and fits my engagement ring beautifully, AND is in STERLING SILVER! So my finger won’t die when I wear it! It’ll take a couple of weeks because it’s being made, but I’m so excited, it’s so pretty.  I can’t handle it.  I can’t wait to get it.  Devon actually has his ring already in his possession; it fits perfectly and looks great on him.

*In getting his ring, he finally revealed to me where he hid my engagement ring that he had for like 5 months before he actually proposed because he’s holding his ring in the same place.  He hid it in his desk drawer in the office.  The same desk drawer where we also keep batteries and things that I actually use and go in and get…..I NEVER KNEW THE RING WAS THERE! What the hell?! And he apparently didn’t even have it that well hidden and I was in there when the ring was there!  Either he’s lying or I’m really oblivious…..both are possible but…..damn though.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!! 

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