Saturday Shorts


*Why is it Sunday already?  I don’t think I’m fully mentally prepared for another week yet.

*We went to our friend’s Rob and Rachael’s gender reveal yesterday and found out they are having a boy, which to Devon means, that we will have a girl first.  He’s figured this because in his friend group of him and his three lifetime bffs; his friend Harold had a boy first, his friend Yuri had a girl first, and now Rob is having a boy first, which since we’re last to board the baby train means we will have a girl first (according to Devon), which is his highest goal in life.  Rob is determined to name his son Salvatore….I’m fairly certain Rachael will not let that happen.

*On a similar note; Rob and Rachel are finally engaged!  He proposed at the gender reveal yesterday.  This also makes all four boys engaged/getting married around the same time.  Devon is convinced all of them just copied him.  Though, in his defense, he did propose to me first.  Then Harold proposed to Mandi; Yurl proposed to Chanel this past Christmas, and Rob proposed yesterday.  Since these four just can’t seem to do anything without the others; I guess we’ll wind up pregnant somewhat soon-ish?  Seeing as how, now we’re the only ones without children/impending children.  We’ll see how that works.  However, we are the only ones who got married before the children happened.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that; i’m just saying.

*We are so busy this next month or so.  I feel like I keep saying that; but more things just keep being added that it keeps being more and more true as time goes on.  Well I supposed, we have a two week honeymoon to relax from all of it; we just have to wait about 6 weeks for that to happen.

*I was taking a medication for acne that was oral and I had to stop it because I was realizing my kidneys weren’t super excited by it.  I was so bloated for like two weeks after stopping it; it was so annoying.  It was like pre menstrual water weight gain times ten.  Nothing fit; I even had issues getting my rings on and off.  I think the bloating is finally dying down; thankfully.  I can put my rings on without fighting my fingers.  Oral medicine can go away; I’ll work with topical from now on; thanks.

I hope everyone is having a great Mother’s Day!  And a special thought to all of those that have a difficult time with today for one reason or another; my thought are with you.  


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