Saturday Shorts


*I have been up forever already today.

*Devon’s Bachelor Party was last night…well…still happening, I suppose.  His friends tried to “surprise” him; he is not one that likes surprises… AT ALL.  Because of that, I kind of appreciated that they were trying that, so I played along for the past couple of weeks.  He was kinda salty when he realized this is “spur of the moment” thing, for him, and probably remained that way; at least outwardly.  I’m sure he’s actually really happy it happened. The thing is, when his friend texted me about it, they were planning all of these outings and loud places to take him and I’m like….ya’ll have known him since he was 8….does that sound like anything he would like? No? Didn’t think so.  Put him in a room, with the three of you, a playstation, beer….and he’s good.  That’s all he wants.  So, that’s what they wound up doing.

*While I am currently enjoying the quiet of the house; I slept super shittily (yes that’s a word) last night because I always sleep like shit when Devon isn’t home. So, today is going to be a long day.  Plus one of my bffs and I went out for a girls night last night, which was so much fun.  I didn’t get home until after 1am…which is like INSANELY late for my old lady self.  But, it was a lot of fun and totally worth the complete circle made around Baltimore City at 12:30am last night.

*I’m currently browsing Thrive Market.  I’ve never tried it but I’ve heard amazing things about the quality of their food and the variety, especially for people that have dietary issues like I do.  They have a huge gluten-free section and a lot of the prices are a lot better than in-store prices, so I think I might be placing an order to try them out.  If you want to give them a try with you, you can get an extra 25% off your first order by going through this link.  I’m more than happy to share what I ordered when it gets here if anyone is interested!

*Speaking of my issues, I got a clear bill of (GI) health from my GI doctor on Friday.  He’s apparently, forever, going to hold remorse for having to tell me that I can’t have gluten anymore, but he’s happy that a lot of my symptoms have gone away.  And they have, despite the fact that I don’t want to admit it; I do feel better than I did.  I would just still love to know how this happened.

I hope everyone is having a great Memorial Day Weekend! 

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