Saturday Shorts


*I started taking iron this morning (as I indicated a few days ago here), and it’s making my stomach feel a little weird.  Though I have been told that goes away, you just have to give it a few days.  :sigh:  I still can’t get my actual blood test results on the Quest portal, though, because they still don’t know who I am.  Don’t get me wrong, I kind of excited to have a common-ish name now, but this whole “confusing me with someone else” thing is getting annoying.  And I know my doctor will send a copy to me, but that requires me having time to call the office, which doesn’t often happen during the day. #educatorproblems

*In other minorly annoying news in relation to my name; I’ve been waiting for almost three months for my new bank card, and I still haven’t gotten it yet.  This is despite two attempts and even escalating it to a manager.  I still don’t have it.  WTF, M&T….w…t…f….?

*Annoyances aside.  We’re going to Frostburg!  I’m so excited.  We’re going the first weekend of November, which is ironically the same weekend that we went about four years ago.  Devon and I are going with a friend of ours to visit a couple of former students who are freshman up there now.  The girls even live in my old dorm, down the hall from my old room AND in a room that a couple of my friends used to live in.  It’ll be so crazy to walk into that room and not hear country music like I used to back in the day.  I’m so excited they’re there, though and can’t wait to head up the mountain!

*I gotta be honest; no spends are hard when you see like extra 50% off clearance sales.  You really want to go and do some things.  But you don’t, because….#goals and whatnot.  But man, the temptation is so real.  I’m planning some frugal/money saving content for the next couple of months, also, if anyone is interested or if there is anything specific you want to hear about, shoot me a message.  I feel like fall is a good time for that because people either go overboard on gifts for the holidays, so it’s a good time to get things in check before they get out of hand.

*Devon is so funny as he’s trying to get used to high school.  I’ve had the age for at least five years now, but he’s forgetting how much more “creative” older teens get when it comes to their shenanigans in class.  He’s like, “part of me is so damn annoyed by it, but there’s also this part that is so amused and proud of how clever they are; it’s weird”.  Welcome to high school, bro.  I, on the other hand, literally spent my ENTIRE day yesterday trying to help the sophomore class at my school brace for the impending implosion of friend groups because one girl just HAS to like the same boy as another girl!  And yes, again, I am an all-girls school. THAT DOESN’T STOP BOY DRAMA, THOUGH!  It lessens it but doesn’t stop it.  It will never stop.

*But it’s okay because Devon has become quite skilled at making smoothies…of an adult variety.  It’s great because you get all of these nutrients from the fruit and juice…with a nice kick of coconut rum; it’s a beautiful thing.  We were going to make some last night, but…neither of us could stay awake past 8:00 and were already nodding off by 6:00 so they will happen tonight, instead.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! And if you are in Florence’s wrath, I hope you are staying safe.  

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