Saturday Shorts


*I have a pile of clean clothes sitting on my bed that desperately need to be hung up.  But I lack so much motivation to do that right now.  I know it’s one of those things that I’ll be glad to have it all away and organized when it’s done, but….it requires getting up.

*I made a small batch of egg salad for lunch this week because I only needed to do lunch for three days instead of five.  When I hard-boiled the eggs this morning Devon kept standing by the front door, swinging it back and forth trying to “air” out the house.  He hates the smell of hard-boiled eggs so much.  It’s actually amusing.

*I completed my no-spend month! I am happy to say that I only caved once and bought something I didn’t necessarily need.  I do justify it to say that it was on clearance for like 70% off, which was nice and helpful.  But I am quite proud of the fact that I kept it together and likely saved a ton of money.  I will be doing another one for October, so we’ll see how we do again.

*I just realized I never picked up the pair of pants I left to be altered last week.  Damnit.  I kinda want those.  How’s that for random?

*We get a three day weekend next weekend for Columbus day.  I’m so excited.  I mean I don’t have anything amazing planned (other than getting an oil change in my car) but it’ll be so nice to get an extra day.

Hope everyone is having a great Sunday! 

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