Saturday Shorts


*I feel like I could complain about how hot it is, but while it’s hot here, all of life isn’t actually melting like it is on the western side of the country.  So, if you’re in like Arizona or California, my deepest sympathies, that kind of heat is insane, I’m sure.  

*You know those days where you actually have nothing that needs to be done, so you actually wind up spending part of the day thinking that you’re forgetting to do all the things? That’s basically my life today.  I kind of took today to just rest and re-energize and whatnot, so I’m sure there are things I COULD be doing but I’m choosing not to, which is causing my brain to have momentary lapses at random.  

*Devon and I are currently binging Archer at a good friend’s insistence.  It is a bit vulgar, so if you aren’t into that, you probably wouldn’t be a fan.  Luckily neither of us have an issue with that so we both find it hilarious.  I highly recommend if you’ve never seen it.  

*We hit the official one year countdown to the wedding yesterday.  I guess that means we need to get our butts in gear with some of the planning we’ve procrastinated.  I also realized yesterday we know a lot of people who will share our anniversary, as one of my friends from grad school married her fiancée yesterday and several other friends wished their spouses a Happy Anniversary on Facebook yesterday.  While the date was just picked semi-randomly, I feel like we’re in good company on that day and that it might be a good sign for us next year.  

*One of the perks to summer is that Devon and I are eating at home a lot more and that also means that we’re eating better than normally, too.  I’m still doing low-carb (most days) and while I don’t own a scale to check pounds, I feel less bloated when my carb intake is lower, which means my pants also fit better, so there’s something working.  

*I know a few of you have been keeping your fingers crossed for me for next school year.  I still don’t have any definite news yet, which is headache-inducing for me, as you can imagine, but I’m still trying to remain hopeful.  I do have other options if it comes down to necessity, but I really want to remain in a school next year so we will see.  Just keep crossing your fingers and toes and ending whatever good juju out in the world I appreciate all the well wishes!

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the weekend! (Preferably in air conditioning)

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