Saturday Shorts


*I need a new hairdryer. This one worked for a good while but it’s just not as good as my hair needs it to be. I’d prefer one that isn’t quite as damaging to hair as some can be (I know all heat tools create some damage, I’m not that dense). I’m kind of leaning toward the DryBar Buttercup but I’m having a small heart attack at the thought of dropping $200 on a hairdryer. I’m open to suggestions if anyone has a hairdryer they adore that won’t cause me a coronary at the check out counter.

*I finally go back to work tomorrow. Most of me is ready, but a little part of me still wants more time off. Well, we do have a three day weekend in a couple of weeks, so that will work for me.

*Devon is currently in the kitchen making crock-pot baby back ribs. It’s actually a recipe I’d love to put on here, but he’s all secretive. No one can know his secret recipe! He won’t even tell me a couple of the spices in it. I can guess, but I don’t know amounts or whatnot. It’s so good, though. I could just drink the BBQ sauce out of a glass.

*I am, however, waiting for him to get out of the kitchen so I can meal-prep for the week. It’s another reason why I’m itching for a house. We have a few must-haves and my main one, is a big enough kitchen that we can both co-exist comfortably. We kinda can now, but we have a galley-style kitchen so it can get a little tight in there.

*I’ve been putting my hair up in a high ponytail before I go to sleep at night and it’s amazing and I’m kind of mad I never did it before. I have some breakage in my hair around the back of my head and I think some of it was coming from the amount of turning and tossing that I do in my sleep and it was just trashing my hair. Ever since I started putting it up, I wake up with no knots or tangles it’s so nice. Plus, it gives it a ridiculous amount of volume which makes me happy when it’s being styled.

*Worst Cooks comes back on Food Network tonight! I’m so excited!  Along with all of our other shows that took some time off for the holidays are also coming back this week.  It’s great for us but kind of wreaking havoc with our DVR as it’s sitting perilously around 95% full on a daily basis.  Though, to be fair, we do have two full series (about 150+ per series) on our DVR because it’s shows we can’t seem to find on DVD to own.  It just means we’re going to have to be more on top of watching everything.  #tvislife

I hope you all are having a great weekend!

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