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*I think I mentioned that we need a new crock pot.  We have this Cook and Carry model shown above, and while it’s been great, it isn’t heating evenly anymore.  I’m not sure why, but it was well loved, so we’re not too mad about it.  So, any recommendations of a good quality crock pot are appreciated.  I’d rather not spend $200 on one, but a decently priced one that will last a few years is what we’re going for.

*I will admit, changing bank accounts, direct deposits, etc, is annoying.  Not quite as annoying as changing my name everywhere, but kind of close.  Direct deposit things are annoying.  Devon is all, “I told you this was going to be annoying”, so he’s also annoying (kinda).

*We’ve been watching Game of Thrones half the day.  We always binge watch all previous seasons before the new season starts.  I always forget how funny the earlier seasons are; ya know before everything became super depressing.

*One of my neighbors must be barbecuing somehow, and for some reason.  It’s making me really hungry, or it’s the smell of dinner in the oven.  Not sure which.  But, regardless…#hangry.

*We’re possibly getting “snow” Tuesday night.  Some people are saying snow, some are saying rain.  Who knows.  I’m okay with a 2-hour delay, pretty much any day.

*My work BFF has been gone for a week so she texted me yesterday that she’s bringing us Dunkin so we can catch up and chat before school tomorrow.  She also gets there like an hour before school starts, so it’ll give us time to “gossip”.  She amuses me; I missed her.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! 


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