glutino table crackers
Saturday Shorts


*I broke a nail as I was rearranging my comforter last night.  And it broke clean off, which I guess I’m slightly grateful for since when they partially break it hurts to all hell.


Also, my finger looks randomly crooked in this picture.  I’m not sure why…it’s not crooked.  Meh.  But typing with one short nail compared to the others gets/feels weird, so I’m going to need to get these fixed at some point this week.  I mean it’s not like I didn’t need a fill-in or anything, but I wasn’t going to make a big thing about it yet.

*Knowing that we’re moving in a few months has me wanting to organize/purge/Konmari the hell out of all of the things.  I’m just looking around our apartment going, “no way in hell I’m moving half of this stuff”.  Luckily I have Spring break coming up at the end of March and I am going to try and gut as much of this place as I can and just get rid of all of the things.  Honestly, I might also start packing some things.  Moving is definite, so it’s not like it’s possible we’ll stay.  I can see us using our second bedroom/office as the storage place, so I might as well pack up most of that room first.  FTR, I hate moving…I just really want to live elsewhere.

*I ordered a new crock pot since ours is dying.  It doesn’t heat evenly anymore, so it’s time to get a new and nifty one.  I’ve been in a “no more new home things” kick until we move, but this is something we use pretty heavily, and since it has an electronic component, the last thing we need is a fire.  So, I bought a Ninja one from Bed, Bath and Beyond. It’s due to arrive this week and I am pretty excited about it.  I have a few friends that recommended it and all of the reviews were pretty amazing.  It’s a bit more than I would have normally spent, but we did have a BB&B gift card from my brother-in-law from Christmas, so that helped me justify the pricey-ness of it.  It’s also one of those slow cookers that you can put on the stove top and cook in, which is great because Devon likes to sear meat a lot of the time before he cooks in there, so it’s one less pot to clean afterward.

*My stomach was feeling a bit off yesterday, so I ate a few of these Glutino crackers I bought recently “just in case’ of tummy issues. THEY TASTE JUST LIKE SALTINES!

glutino table crackers

Like..LITERALLY exactly like Saltines. It made me happy.  It also made my stomach happy.  It was a fun celiac win for me.

*Devon and I did our first married taxes this week.  While we don’t owe (thank bob), we aren’t really getting anything back either.  Although, our state refund was pretty substantial until I said what county we lived in…and then it all went away.  We live in the second “richest” county in the state which basically means our taxes are outrageous.  Moving to another county will help that immensely so next year might be a bit better.  But again…we didn’t actually owe anything, so that’s good news.

*Devon’s birthday is in about a week and a half (March 6th) and the only thing he’s really asked for is a “store bought cake”, which makes me happy because not only do I typically dislike baking, I’d be really salty to bake a cake I can’t eat.  BUT, he did also mention a video game that he’s been holding out on getting because we’re being good and adulting and making financial goals and all of that.  He’s been sticking to them a lot better than I expected him to, I have to admit.  I managed to find the game he’s wanted for like half of what it normally costs, so I got him that for his birthday, too.

Screen Shot 2019-02-24 at 3.13.30 PM

I am aware most wives want their husbands to stop playing video games, but he honestly really only plays for a few hours on weekends; it doesn’t bother me.  He’s also the guy who will basically do anything I ask him to do so he can have his fun; it’s fine.

I hope you’re all having a great weekend! 


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