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Saturday Shorts


*Now that I am on spring break, life is slightly better/easier, at least for the next week.  I plan on trying to use this week to my greatest advantage.  Here’s hoping.

*Thank you all for all of the nice comments and thoughts where Devon is concerned.  He’s fine, aside from some bruises and a strained wrist.  For those that don’t follow on IG, Devon was in a pretty bad car accident on Thursday night (the night it was pouring sheets in Maryland), his car is in pretty bad shape and the day overall was a just one long headache, but he’s recovering nicely.  He’s rather annoyed at the rental car he was given (which was a small Toyota Corolla) but all will be fine.  We’ll find out early this week the extent of the damage to his car and how long he’ll have to be without it.  Luckily, he drives a Jeep and those are pretty sturdy, so it should be fixable.

*If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve heard me sing praises of Goodie Girl Cookies, which is a company that is completely gluten-free and makes iconic cookies in gluten-free versions.  I have loved the fudge striped variety for such a long time and essentially buy them by the caseload.  I heard they had a “chocolate sandwich creme” variety that I’ve been dying to try but I just couldn’t find it in my stores.  I’ve tried other gluten-free versions of this sandwich cookie and haven’t been impressed and have actually been disappointed in some cases.  The original sandwich cookie was something I’ve LIVED for, so imitations don’t work.  But this one……

Goodie Girl Cookies Chocolate Creme

I finally found it at a store near me and….IT TASTES JUST LIKE THE ORIGINAL! I died a little when I finally tasted it; it was so good.  You all know I die a little when I taste a gluten-free version of something I love and I can’t tell that it’s gluten-free.  But, these….I legit almost cried.  Devon was sitting next to me and apparently the noises I was making…he asked if he was in the way…it was that real.  Get these if you’re gluten-free.  You won’t be sorry.

*I ordered a new phone today because my beloved iPhone 6s that I’ve had..3-4 years, maybe, is finally dying.  No matter what charger I put it on, it’s just not recognizing them anymore, the battery drains in like 2 hours unless it’s on battery saver; it just needs to be allowed to die a respectful death.  So, I ordered a new iPhone XR, mostly because it’s the phone with the best battery life.  It’s basically the same as the more popular XS model, but with much better battery life.  There are a few other subtle changes, but those are pretty irrelevant to me.  I did go for bigger storage, as my 64GB is almost full, but kept everything else pretty basic. It’s due to be delivered on Wednesday and I’m pretty excited to have a fully functioning phone again.


*I mentioned last week that I have some upcoming possible career things going on.  Those haven’t happened yet (as I’ve heard a couple of you ask), they are actually possibly moving forward/being determined this week, so keep all of the good thoughts coming!  I definitely appreciate it!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! 

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