Saturday Shorts


*First and foremost……on Thursday, I accepted an offer for a new job for the next school year!  I haven’t signed the contract yet just because the president of the school is on vacation for a week, but I’ve already got an email address, I’ve met most of the people I’ll be working with and everything.  You guys, I am so excited.  It feels like a 1,000 lb weight was just lifted from my shoulders; it’s so amazing to know I have a new school to start with in the fall.  It’s a private, all-girls, Catholic school again which wasn’t really the goal honestly, but it’s an amazing school; very prestigious, it’s celebrating it’s 150th year this coming school year.  It’s down in Rockville, MD (so the drive will suck a little, but I can live with it); extremely well established, high enrollment, very well supported by the district and the families/community.  To make it even better, the counseling department is also very well established, respected, and supported by the administration.  I will be one of 5 counselors, which is new for me, but really exciting; and the department is a well-oiled machine, so it’ll be nice to not feel like I have to go in and re-invent the wheel like I’ve had to do in the past.  Plus, I’ll be the sole counselor of all their students with learning disabilities, so while I have a smaller caseload than the rest, my students typically require more time, so it’s balancing out.  Guys….I’m just so excited.  I’ll talk more about it later, but I just had to share the amazing news really quickly because I’m just giddy.  🙂


*I love this time of the year.  Yes, it’s miserably hot outside but it’s a great time of the year for me, especially with the news I just mentioned above.  Plus. my birthday is in about three weeks, which if you know me, you know I basically consider my birthday to be a national holiday – it’s the best day.  AND, mine and Devon’s 4th anniversary is this coming Thursday (July 20th).  On top of all of that, school supplies are out and I have an unnatural obsession with buying school supplies, especially when I can buy so much with spending so little.  I do wind up donating a lot of it to Devon’s school (since he’s in a Title 1 school, a lot of his kids need a lot of stuff) so it’s not going to waste.  And…also….. around my birthday week (which just makes my birthday even better) is usually Maryland’s tax-free shopping week; so you can purchase clothing/accessories up to $100, tax-free.  This is usually when I do a lot of my back to school/work shopping because it’s tax free and I have a ton of birthday offers from stores I shop at a lot, so I can save a ton of money on a lot of new items.  So basically, mid-July to mid-August is like my Christmas. It makes me happy.

*I also like this time of the year when it comes to me looking back at my Timehop on Facebook, particularly looking back at this time of the year from 2013.  Starting around, like, June, you can almost watch mine and Devon’s relationship start on my statuses.  He was flirting so hard most of the time.  And while I noticed…I wasn’t noticing, you know what I mean?  I noticed he was acting differently, but he was my best friend, I didn’t want to change the status quo in case it didn’t work.  This status always amuses me, now:


Cryptic? Yeah.  You can see this was done super late, around 1AM.  Devon and I had hung out that night (like the third time in about a week or so) and before we left, he actually kissed me goodnight.  I wasn’t entirely sure what to do with that; and obviously he knew that’s what I was “pensive” about.  It was kind of awkward until we got together again on July 20th…which….as you all know…is our anniversary now.  So, clearly we figured it out. But this is all just so amusing to me now, I love seeing it all over and over again every year.

*On a similar note, we ordered our Save The Dates and they should be here either the end of this week or beginning of next and I’m super excited to get them.  I can’t wait to share them when we get them!

*On a non-related note: I had Roy Rogers yesterday for the first time in….damn near a decade.  There are no stores in Baltimore, at all.  They are pretty much only in the western part of MD and the southern part, it’s weird.  We used to have them in Baltimore, but they all closed years ago.  Devon and I went down to a more southern area of MD (a part we’re actually planning to buy a house in/move to in a couple years) and they have a Roy Rogers.  You guys…it was so good.  Look at this:

roy rogers

I got their pulled pork sandwich with fries and coleslaw and it gave me so much life.  I was literally sitting there dancing around in my seat.  Devon was laughing at me, but it was so good I didn’t even care.  I will likely frequent often there once we move down there.

*I got my summer FabFitFun box last week!  It is by far my favorite box that I’ve received.  I think there is only one thing that I’m not super interested in, everything else is perfect!  I’ll do another full review of it soon, but for now, here is a sneak peek:


Now that I have rambled all of your eyes off, I hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend!

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