Saturday Shorts

Shorts/Life Update

*I’m not sure I can accurately convey how batshit crazy this past week has been.  Like…I….don’t even have words.  Part of it is that it’s the crazy time of the year in school where registration is beginning to take the forefront of all of my counseling life and I’m spending like 80% of my day talking about courses for next year and what pathways students should take to get to higher-level classes.  I’m essentially reciting our course catalog, verbatim, ten times a day, which is kind of exhausting.

*We went to our Home Buying Seminar on Tuesday night and it was pretty helpful.  It made for a very long day, especially since the seminar was about an hour drive away from work.  But there was a lot of good information in it and a lot of things that we weren’t thinking about that we need to.  While it might have been a long day, it was a beneficial one.

*This week also included a last minute trip to my doctor.  I’d been having a little bit of discomfort for a couple of days that just wasn’t going away.  It turned out I had a small bacterial infection (Howtf that happened I have zero idea, as does my doctor), but it’s one of those things that it’s good to find out about sooner rather than later.  Today is my last day of meds for it and it’s all cleared up, so yay for that!  But the meds I was on made me feel kind of gross for a couple of days.  It had side effects of nausea and stomach discomfort and it rightly did that, so I spent a couple days just chilling on the couch when I wasn’t at work.

*Yesterday was also my mother-in-law’s birthday.  We were originally going to take her out to dinner for her birthday but she wasn’t feeling up to it (and let’s be fair, neither were we), so we’re putting it off until next weekend.  It also worked out because I wound up not being able to get the second part of her birthday gift like I was originally intending this week, and hopefully, I can get that picked up this week.  We had two of our wedding photos framed for her that she loved.  We had the prints made, but I hadn’t had a chance to pick up the frames, but I should be able to get them this week.

*We’re watching Game of Thrones right now and I had my head turned to the TV while typing most of that last bullet point and Devon started looking at me incredulously.  I ask him what’s wrong.  He’s like, “what kind of sorcery are you doing, you’re not looking at any part of your laptop right now!”  It’s called multi-tasking bro!  Of course, though this is the guy who does like a weird kind of typing where he really only uses his pointer fingers to type.  It’s really funny because he’s pretty quick about it but it also seems inefficient.  I think his is more sorcery than mine is.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend! 


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