Saturday Shorts

Shorts + Weekday Edition

*First of all, let’s talk about how much I never know what day it is on 4 day work weeks. Basically, Tuesday is the Mondayest Tuesday ever and pretty much every other day of the week is also very Monday-esque. I never seem to recover it well; I don’t know why. I enjoy long weekends…but…recovery is rough.

*Despite the fact that it won’t feel like it here in Maryland (unless you’re out in Western Maryland) for at least another few weeks; I am very much one of those people who see September 1st at the unofficial start to fall. While I love summer because it has my birthday and usually a quieter time of year to it; I hate how hot it is; so much. I long for cooler weather and not feeling like I’m going to die of heat stroke just from walking out my front door. While I’m, admittedly, probably not going to go over the top in decorating the house for fall, this year, since we just moved in, I do want to add a few pops of fall here and there. Me being me, of course I started in the kitchen yesterday:

Just a little pop of a mustard yellow (which is one of my favorite fall colors) and this cute fall flower plate I found at Homesense while I was out yesterday. I need something to hold all the random onions and garlics that were just floating around the counter before, so I figured for fall this would work to corral all of that and add a little fall flair at the same time.

*I’m also all about the fall candles, but that’s not necessarily a this time of the year thing; I’ll legit burn cinnamon apple candles all year round.

*We ordered a new mattress right before we moved (like the first day of August) because we’ve had ours as long as we were in our apartment and it was starting to break down a bit and needed replacing. Let’s just say that was a hellacious experience…moreso then it needed to be. The order was lost, the original mattress never made it to us. The only “good” thing to come out of this is that we’re getting a much nicer mattress than we anticipated for the price we paid because of all the hassle. The new mattress should be arriving today and I can’t wait to finally sleep on it.

*I’ve had a few questions to show some photos of the house, and I’m getting to the point of being able to share a couple of rooms. One of the things I said when we moved in was that this is about double the space of our old apartment and with that, we have a few rooms that are nearly bare and that we need to furnish (like our dining room and spare bedroom) so those won’t be shown anytime soon, but we do have a couple of rooms that are just about done and I’ll show them soon!

*Also, I feel like I need to talk about Season 3 of “13 Reasons Why”….but….I can’t yet. We’re not even done watching the season yet and I already have super strong feelings about it. Once we’re done, maybe I’ll share some thoughts.

*Also also, I’m super into Fleetwood Mac lately….not that I haven’t liked them for years, but I legit could listen to “Rumors” and “Tusk” on repeat for DAAAAYYYYSSSSS! I’ve also watched “The Dance” like 3 times (which if you never saw that, it was a live concert they did back in 1997 that was utterly amazing (and all the more reason why I’m mad that Lindsey Buckingham isn’t touring with them anymore…I WILL NOT GET OVER IT!). It’s on Amazon Prime if you. want to see it; these are a few of my favorite songs from it here:

Mick Fleetwood’s expressions are some of my favorite things. Also Lindsay Buckingham’s guitar playing is amazing.
Fleetwood Mac isn’t Fleetwood Mac without Lindsey Buckingham. #jussayin

Have a great day!

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